Sexiest Native American Movie Scene

The movie is called Naturally Native.  I have always been a fan of Pato Hoffmann and sought this film out after doing some research on his film credits.  Not only is the movie good, but it has the sexiest Native American love scene I have seen (and I have seen a lot of N.A. films).  It’s hot for the guys, and so romantic for us ladies 🙂

A hot tub, long hair, and Pato Hoffmann, who could ask for more?  Ooooh, no wonder Valerie Red-Horse chose him to play her husband in this film, I would too if I had the choice.  Maybe I should start writing my own screenplay…..

My second choice for sexiest love scene from a Native American film comes from the movie Sioux City.  This one stars with someone I know you’ve heard of:  Lou Diamond Phillips.  He’s is not quite the man that Pato is (I think it may be the height and I just see Ritchie most of the time).  I also fault the casting crew for selecting an African American female to play the love interest.  Indigenous actors have so few roles available to them, why give them to any other race?  That’s just disrespectful in my opinion.  Doesn’t matter now, the film is made so on to my review.  This scene is sexy, sweet, and steeped in the “two-in-a-blanket” tradition among certain Native groups.


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